Only Care delivers a unique team/partner-based model of care that involves both our clients and our staff as key stakeholders.

Our clients and partners include those directly impacted by disability, condition or illness, and/or their nominees, family members, supporters, guardians, friends, medical and allied health teams etc.

Our professional care staff are carefully recruited and matched to our clients.

Our Client services, Rostering and Administrative personnel are recruited for their expertise.

Every situation is obviously different and so our services must be carefully and individually tailored to meet each person’s needs.  We first take the time to understand each client, their needs and their goals and we then work towards developing a solution to match.

Once the model of care is in place, there is an ongoing process of liaison and co-ordination to ensure the client’s needs and goals are continually being met.

Our staff qualifications include:

  • Local Registered & Enrolled nurses
  • International Nurses, Doctors and Allied Health qualifications/background
  • Certificate 3/4 and Diplomas in Disability, Aged Care & Community Services and AINs
  • Fitness and Remedial Massage Diplomas
  • Client Services & Rostering specialists
  • Administrative specialists


‘Disability’ spans a wide spectrum, and conditions include Physical, Intellectual, Psychosocial, Neurological, Spinal, Genetic, Degenerative, other Permanent Impairments and more, from mild to extremely complex, as well as spanning all ages.

At Only Care, while we do have wide experience with Disability and Complex Care, there is clearly no ‘one-size-fits all’ in terms of a single Service Provider being able to deliver all optimal services and supports.

Only Care is an NDIS registered service provider.  Only Care follows the NDIS recommended Price Guide and ensures its prices do not exceed those recommended by the NDIS.  Where applicable and following discussion with our clients, Only Care delivers services at rates that include the NDIS TTP (Temporary Transformation Payment) – a rate that is encouraged by the NDIS for registered service providers to adopt.

The NDIS Price Guide and Catalogue contains a lengthy list of service details and prices (and limits) that are adhered to by Only Care.  Prices are available via the link below.  For a detailed explanation of our services and prices, please contact us.

We look forward to your initial contact with us to explain your needs and to work together to implement a great model of care. Should we be unable to directly offer services to suit, we’ll usually be able to suggest or refer you to others who might specialise in providing services and supports to match your needs.


Many NDIS participants are interested in shared accommodation/co-living arrangements.

Advantages of this approach include:

  • Participants can receive more care ‘on tap’
  • Friendships with like-minded people
  • Better access to specialised support

Only Care work with our clients to develop unique shared models of care.

We particularly cater for people with Multiple Sclerosis, Muscular Dystrophy  and similar conditions.