About Only Care


Our work is based on long term experience with complex conditions (disability, illness & health), ongoing management & ongoing care.  Many of our personnel have worked in health and disability for over 20 years.

We understand that quality care is underpinned by careful planning, empathy, respect and consistency of delivery by dedicated staff who are very skilled at what they do.

Featured Personnel

Earl Schonberger (Partner – Care Delivery/Client Services) has a long term background in the Disability sector, mainly as a result of his daughter’s diagnosis shortly after her birth in 1991 with a severe and degenerative Neurological disease.  Having worked through many challenges associated with living long term with a loved one with a severe disability, Earl has a unique experience and skills to share.

He has worked with ‘systemic’ and industry contacts in strategic positions, as well as numerous Not For Profit organisations, Disability Charities and Special Needs organisations.

Although he was thrown into ‘disability’ over 20 years ago, Earl has a professional background in IT and marketing and is skilled in technical optimisation of procedures and data.

“My style and philosophy is all about achieving long-lasting and effective solutions (that is my IT background), sometimes via unconventional approaches that circumvent or crash through normal barriers (that is what my daughter’s disability has taught me).  Persons who live with Disability are unfortunately used to hurdles being placed in front of them.  In my case, a wall does not represent a barrier, but just another of life’s obstacles to move past.”

“If I cannot climb over a wall, I’ll try to go around it

If I cannot get around the wall, I’ll try to go under it

If I cannot go under it, I’ll find a way to go through it”

Earl’s has achieved successful outcomes at all levels of the Health/Disability spectrum, including:

  • Personal lobbying via one-to-one communications at executive, department head and ministerial level to negotiate immediate resolutions to road blocks.
  • Systemic lobbying at Local Health District level in achieving recognitional success in furthering awareness of Disability in the community and outreach by the Hospital system & child to adult transition services from a Disability/Complex Care perspective.
  • Client Advocacy – ‘Locking horns’ with ‘the department’ and taking to task where required to cut through delays in promise of service or declines where services are deserved.  Negotiating complex paths and around dead-ends in achieving ultimate successful outcomes.
  • Standing up as required and achieving unique results.

Earl’s goal is to deliver a refreshing model of care that achieves fantastic outcomes not only for our clients, but for all stakeholders involved.

What our Clients have to say

Take a look at some of their feedback

  • Mary is totally delightful.  She displayed a genuine warmth.  I liked Mary because she recognised important issues and was assertive in clarifying them. Thank you for being here.
    Belinda Robbins Care Recipient
  • Dad is very happy with William (the Support Giver) and we would like to thank him for his excellent work.
    Bianca Thomas Family Member
  • Thanks to Stacey I have had minimal problems and nothing I ask is too difficult for her. It’s difficult enough to have strangers in your home – but Stacey has made me feel very comfortable and cared for.
    Melony Stein Care Recipient
  • I am ecstatic.  We were in despair, rock bottom with yet another hurdle and you are our knight in shining armor. Thank you for listening, for your compassion and understanding.
    Marie Mother